About The Prophet

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About Dr. O C Emmanuel

DR. OC EMMANUEL is the General Overseer of Global Success Ministries, and Founder of Success TV - one of Nigeria's leading Christian Television channels. He was born on December 10th 1973 into a Catholic Family. As a young boy, he serve

d as an Altar Mass Server with a Reverend Father in the Catholic Church. He is an undiluted Prophet, Teacher and deliverance minister. He is also a powerful Healing Evangelist. The mystery surrounding his conception and birth till date remains awesome and proves him to be a Chosen Vessel His mother looked for a male issue for a very long time. God visited her and she conceived. During her pregnancy, an unknown man dressed in soldier uniform walked up to her from nowhere and told her that she will bear a son and his name shall be called Emmanuel.

He has a global vision which is to see the fulfillment of the mandate of Christ our Lord and Saviour in touching lives all over the world through the Word of Love. That this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the Nations of the World before the end will come Mathew 24:14. DR. OC EMMANUEL is an indefatigable servant of God with numerous charismas. He is an optimist to the core, a great philanthropist who is interested in putting smiles on the lips of the hopeless. Consequently, he established a welfare department through which he has helped many; widows, orphans, the poor, the wretched and the destitute in cash and properties worth millions of Naira.
He has also used his various spiritual gifts to give life to many; God has used him to heal several incurable diseases which include HIV/AIDS, liver and kidney diseases, bringing the dead back to life, the lame walking, the blind seeing and many others. God has also used him to separate Siamese Twins (babies whose heads are joined together) in the womb. Such a striking miracle that the white doctors could not achieve with their sophisticated medical equipment, God did through the Man of God. This also attracted Journalists from different media organization. We give God all the glory in Jesus Name, Amen!